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Subah Savere Lekar Tera Naam Prabhu, Karte Hain Hum Shuru Aaj Ka Kaam Prabhu । Shuddh Bhav Se Tera Dhyan Lagayen Hum

सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु, करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु, करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । शुद्ध भाव से तेरा ध्यान लगाएं हम, विद्या का वरदान तुम्हीं से पाए हम । शुद्ध भाव से तेरा ध्यान लगाएं हम, विद्या का वरदान तुम्हीं से पाए हम । हाँ, विद्या का वरदान तुम्हीं से पाए हम। तुम्ही से है आगाज़ तुम्हीं से अंजाम प्रभु, करते है हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु, करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । गुरुओं का सत्कार कभी न भूले हम, इतना बनें महान गगन को छू ले हम । गुरुओं का सत्कार कभी न भूले हम, इतना बनें महान गगन को छू ले हम । हाँ, इतना बनें महान गगन को छू ले हम । तुम्हीं से है हर सुबह तुम्ही से शाम प्रभु, करते है हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु, करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु, करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु करते हैं हम शुरु आज का काम प्रभु । सुबह सवेरे लेकर तेरा नाम प्रभु - प्रार्थना (Subah Savere Lekar Tera Naam Prabhu) Hinglish  Subah S
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Bina chilke ki moong dal

बिना छिलके वाली मूंग की दाल कैसी दिखती है?  हल्की पीली, तुअर दाल से छोटे दाने 

वैराग्य-भावना | beej rakh fal bhog

पं. भूधरदासजी कृत बीज राख फल भोगवै, ज्यों किसान जगमाहिं त्यों चक्री सुख में मगन, धर्म विसारै नाहिं ॥ इहविध राज करै नर नायक, भोगे पुण्य विशालो सुख सागर में रमत निरन्तर, जात न जान्यो कालो ॥ एक दिवस शुभ कर्म संयोगे, क्षेमंकर मुनि वन्दे देखि श्रीगुरु के पद पंकज, लोचन अलि आनन्दे ॥१॥ तीन प्रदक्षिण दे सिर नायो, कर पूजा थुति कीनी साधु समीप विनय कर बैठ्यो, चरनन में दिठि दीनी ॥ गुरु उपदेश्यो धर्म शिरोमणि, सुन राजा वैरागे राज-रमा-वनितादिक जे रस, ते रस बेरस लागे ॥२॥ मुनि सूरज कथनी किरणावलि, लगत भरम बुधि भागी भव-तन-भोग स्वरूप विचार्यो, परम धरम अनुरागी ॥ इह संसार महा-वन भीतर, भ्रमते ओर न आवै जामन मरण जरा दव दाझै, जीव महादु:ख पावै ॥३॥ कबहूँ जाय नरक थिति भुंजै, छेदन-भेदन भारी कबहूँ पशु परजाय धरै तहँ, वध-बन्धन भयकारी ॥ सुरगति में पर-सम्पत्ति देखे, राग उदय दु:ख होई मानुषयोनि अनेक विपत्तिमय, सर्व सुखी नहिं कोई ॥४॥ कोई इष्ट-वियोगी विलखै, कोई अनिष्ट-संयोगी कोई दीन दरिद्री विगुचे, कोई तन के रोगी ॥ किसही घर कलिहारी नारी, कै बैरी-सम भाई किसही के दु:ख बाहिर दीखै, किस ही उर दुचिताई ॥५॥ कोई पुत्र बिना नित झूरै,

How to provide better customer experience? Need of customer experience?

What is the necessity of providing a better customer experience? If you want customer engagement , then you should consider providing a better customer experience. If you want a customer to revisit your store, then start providing a better customer experience. The customer is the king. You have to delight the customer to grow your business. Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee says, "our business is 1 per cent product and 99 per cent experience." How to provide a better customer experience? Don't bully your customers. Don't pressurize your customers into buy anything from you. Be humble towards your customers. Make them comfortable first. Show your merchandise by unfolding everything. This is the only work you can do with your hands before the customers.  However sad you are, do not display anger towards the customers. Never humiliate your customers. Tolerate. Speak shortly and sweetly. Do not react quickly. Keep good quality products only. Do not spoil your i

How to Practice Morality in Business? Which business should entrepreneurs avoid?

3 Tips to incorporate Righteousness in your Business. Your Business Should not Harm any Living Organism Killing in a business does not last for long. It will release its reverse effects. And when it does, nobody will help you. Business of non-vegetarian items, pesticides and brewery should be prohibited. Great startups focus on helping society by solving problems. Non-vegetarian does not reduce problems. Instead, it increases them. Incurable diseases, global warming and pesticide resistance are some harmful effects of animal cruelty. You should not help any such violent businesses, directly or indirectly. Your Business should not Exploit Anyone As an owner, you should not exploit your employee. As an employee, you should not exploit your employer. As a business agent, you should not exploit the innocent.   As a civilized citizen, have sympathy with others. Don't become a thief in anybody's eyes. Practice Ethics and Authenticity in Business Business with honesty thrives. Busine

The best financial advice ever | Lessons on economics from the wealthiest

Money is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.  Tom Ferry Money in the hands of the right person thrives. In the hands of the wrong person, it becomes devastating. The Best Financial Tips Taken From the Wealthy The financial tips in this post will help you not only to become rich, but wealthy. These are the well-researched tips taken from wealthy men. Save and invest in good causes. What is a good cause? The cause that is a boon to you and others, is an example of a good cause. Invest in your dreams. The dreams that would benefit you and your dependents.   Do not buy anything for the sake of showing off. I can recall an example of Monica Geller of Friends TV series. She buys $100 shoes only to show off. After wearing them she realizes that the shoes are very uncomfortable. In the end, she had to confess, "the shoe bite." Do not purchase liabilities with what little you have. I have seen people who often spend money to buy a car and, they would seldom use it.  Maintain in

Story of the youngest billionaires of India: Turakhia brothers

The secret of the Turakhia brothers' success lies in the fact that they got interested in computers very early in their life. That they got their vision and acted upon it very soon.  Turakhia brothers have started from domain registration business and pivoted it to advertisement business. The beginning of the internet is a domain name and, its end is an advertisement. What more is the internet other than domain registration and advertisement? Nothing. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, even Google, are all domain names. You sell or resell them, you make a commission.  The time was when the internet was very new. The Turakhia brothers took ICANN permission/license to sell domain names. Bhavin was 18 and Divyank was 15 years old when they started Directi. When other students of Bhavin's age were hoping for good grades in exams, Bhavin has dropped out of college and started his first multi-million dollar company. Turakhia brothers did not stop there. They started another company, just

The making of Munshi Premchand

My life is a level plain. There are pits here and there but no cliffs, mountains, deep ravines, jungles, or ruins. Gentlemen who have the taste for mountaineering will be disappointed here In April 1934. A Hindi writers conference was held in Delhi. Premchand was nominated Chairman of the fiction section. He was now at the height of his fame, but, made no special demands on the organizers. In the words of Jainendra Kumar, the eminent Hindi novelist, "he came and stayed like everyone else: getting a camp-bed in the dormitory along with many others." Everyone speak of only one thing: the utter simplicity of the man. There was nothing false about him: he was as he was. If there was anything he really hated, that was affectation.   Premchand was born on July 31, 1880, in a village called Lamahi, 4 miles from Banaras. His mother died when Premchand was only 8.  Early life of Premchand Navab or Dhanpat, as the boy was then called, seems to have stored up the experiences subconscio

Stories and moral of The richest man in Babylon (finance classic)

The richest man in Babylon is for those who find economics lessons difficult to learn. This book consists of economics lessons with stories. That is why this book is very easy to understand. The richest man in Babylon was written in 1926 by George Clason. The Story of Algamish and Arkad Arkad was scribe labour. Algamish was a money lender. One day Algamish came to Arkad and offered him a scribe work. Meanwhile, Arkad asked him the secret of his wealth. Algamish replied, Part of all I earned was mine to keep. Whatever I earn I save 10% of it. Each gold coin you save is a slave for you. The gold coin (slave) would earn copper for you, which are its children. These children will also work and earn for you. Arkad obeyed the advice. He decided to save and invest 10% of his income regularly . Initially, he invested over Azmur, the brick maker. Azmur wanted to start the business of Phoenician jewels. Due to lack of knowledge about jewels, Azmur was tricked and Arkad's money went with it.

The SuTa Bombay way of connecting with customers

Hey friends! Today I will tell you about the story of two sisters. The sisters who have now become a huge success. What is SuTa?  SuTa is a clothing brand. The brand was started back in 2016 by two sisters. Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas. The sisters sell sarees.  Both of them were engineers turned MBA. And, MBA not from an average institute but IIFT and IIM Lucknow. Their father was a government employee. And he was very particular in choosing their daughters' career. When the sisters decided to leave their jobs, their father was not happy at first. View this post on Instagram When did the SuTa sisters decide to start their business? After their MBA, the sisters started to work in big corporations, living miles apart from each other. They were not together for 8 years. After 8 years Taniya came to Mumbai and moved in with Sujata.  In their daily conversations, they would discuss about how many lives they are impacting staying at their jobs.  After some time

An overview of fashion designing | Fashion design curriculum

What do fashion designers do? Fashion designers develop ideas, concepts or drawings to create a whole new fabric.   Charles Frederick Worth is one of the famous names in the field of fashion design. He is called the father of fashion design. He was the first designer to start a label. He had dressed famous actresses, models and singers of his time. He has started his career in fashion design with an internship. Which market should you target as a fashion designer? Fashion designers design merchandise for three markets. Mass market : example, Marks and Spencer Ready to wear , or, pret-a-porter, or, off the rack Haute couture : where skill, craft and time are required. Where designers work directly with the clients, and a dress could cost thousands of pounds. Examples of Haute couture are Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. Haute couture guidelines There are a set of guidelines from the Federation Francoise de la couture . The fashion designers who follow its guidelines are